Those of you who have had tests with me already know how much I ‘bang on’ about frequent foods being the most likely foods for people to become intolerant of. Because most people tend in the western world to eat in a similar way, the most common intolerances are cow’s milk products, yeast all cheeses and all yogurt, cocoa, tea, coffee, orange.

But I am increasingly seeing people who eat and drink items that other people use infrequently. So cow’s milk products are unlikely to be a problem for the person who believes that it is meant for baby cows only and not for humans. And wheat won’t be an issue for the person who always eats wheat or gluten free. Coffee won’t be a problem for the person who prefers to drink green tea because of it’s perceived health benefits.

The 'new kids on the block' in the food intolerance world are coconut and green tea. Before 2010 i had never tested anyone intolerant to either of these apart from Thais and Sri Lankans, who use coconut a lot in cooking.  But NOW when the perceived wisdom is coconut is now a healthy oil, and many cookery books and natural health gurus extol its' virtues, coconut intolerance is prevalent in 10% of my clients. Similar percentage for green tea too. The common denominator for both is frequent daily use....probably more than twice daily.


Cow's milk intolerance was present in 80% of my clients in 2003. Now only 33% of adults react to dairy products, and 75% of all children.

So is it better to avoid dairy products or not?  Quick answer....Try to eat a variety of foods and drinks, and not use any item more than twice daily. People develop intolerances to the foods/drinks which they consume most frequently.

More about all of this in my book.

PS  I shall shortly be offering a new service. It will consist of an email consultation. I would ask you to send me a food diary of a typical week's eating and drinking. You will need to have read my book, and I will then suggest an exclusion diet for you. I will be doing a few 'dummy runs' for free. If you are interested please contact me.



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