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What is the most common food intolerance?

According to my data it is cow’s milk products, [including cheese, butter, chocolate, ice cream, yogurt.] But that relates to people who live in the UK. Corn is thought to be a major intolerance in the US, but this may be only anecdotal rather than proven.

How long does testing take ?

For a first full test, please allow between one and a half and two and a quarter hours for

  • Form filling and discussion of health issues 10 to 20 minutes
  • Testing 45 - 60 minutes
  • Advice 40 - 75 minutes
  • 10% of my clients need some more testing after the first session. This testing incurs no extra fee.

Children rarely take longer than 90 minutes. Adults rarely take less! I take up to twice as long in my testing procedure as other practitioners despite charging a similar price.

You will benefit because I test twice as many foods and additives as other people using a vega or a dietx machine.

You will receive a highly detailed explanation of which foods you can and cannot eat, an explanation that is tailored to you and the lifestyle you wish to lead.

Many children cannot cope with this length of time.

For information on how I manage this please see FAQ 'Testing Children' Should you wish to have a 2nd appointment [after 3 months] it will take between 45 mins and 1 1/4 hours.

Testing Children

Many children cope very well with the testing. It does not hurt, and they are 'centre stage', which some really love! The machine that I use is quite interesting to most children, and I am very experienced with all ages. I have 4 children of my own, one of whom has severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviour, and I have experience in testing children of all ages with behaviour problems, ADHD, ADD, and those who fall under the autistic spectrum. I regularly receive referrals from the Hyperactive Childrens Support Group With some children, [especially younger ones and those with concentration difficulties] I do not test everything I have at my disposal, but just themain suspects or foods that they eat. This can cut down on the testing time.

If the child sees little benefit after a few days I will then test the foods that I missed out, as part of the original testing charge. Some children find it very hard to cope with the testing, maybe because they are particularly anxious or because they find it nearly impossible to co-operate. If this is the case I usually have a long telephone discussion with the parent, during which we work out the best way to handle the session. Any form filling can be done before the appointment. Any advice given may also be done over the phone after the session.

This enables the parent to be more relaxed and able to take on board the information that I am imparting. By tailoring the consultation to the child rather than vice versa, we can get the best outcome for all. In these cases the child would only need to be in my house for 20 - 30 minutes, and most can manage that. Another option is for me to visit you and do the test in your home. I have often done this with children who are on the autistic spectrum. Sometimes a child will cooperate beautifully, if given 20 minutes to get used to me and the house before we start testing. If your child may benefit from this approach, please let me know when you book an appointment I can test babies of any age, breast-fed or bottle-fed, partially or fully weaned. If testing a breast fed baby, i will need to test everything that the mother eats , as the baby may be reacting to a food that the mother eats. If for whatever reason it is not possible to test a child there will be no charge. This has only happened three times in the twenty years that I have been testing.

Can you test babies?

Certainly! Breast or bottle fed, partially or fully weaned. Download my free ebook for more information.


Can you test babies?

Certainly! Breast or bottle fed, partially or fully weaned. Download my free ebook, "Information about food intolerance testing", for more information.

I’m sure that something I am eating has caused me to put on weight, as I don’t eat much and do a lot of exercise. Can you help?

I have anecdotal evidence that suggests that some people manage to lose weight when avoiding foods to which they are intolerant. But I cannot promise.

What should you bring ?


Bring samples of your tapwater, from home, work and school. These samples can be in any container, [glass jar, plastic bottle, tupperware] If you use a water filter bring a sample of that water too.
Bring a slice of the bread that you usually eat, especially if that bread is wheat or gluten free.
If you are a tea or coffee drinker, bring a teabag and / or a small amount of your usual coffee, especially if you use instant..If you drink less common drinks eg jasmine tea or dandelion coffee, please make sure that you bring it with you.
If you use artificial sweeteners or coffee whiteners [eg coffeemate], please bring some with you.
If you eat quorn please bring a sample.
Should you regularly use agave, sucralose, stevia or any other natural sweetener, please bring some.
If you regularly use aromatherapy oils, bring along samples.
If you regularly drink a particular brand of beer or wine, or if you have suspicions about a certain beer or wine which necessitates avoidance, please bring some along for testing.
Please bring your preferred chewing gum if you regularly use it.

Headache, migraine, asthma, rhinitis, sneezing, recurrent cough, catarrh, throat clearing sufferers

Bring your preferred household cleaning polish, and preferred kitchen and / or bathroom cleaning product.
If used by anyone in the household bring perfumes, body sprays deodorants and after shaves.
Bring fabric conditioner.
Bring fragranced candles, incense sticks, and plug-in air fresheners.

Eczema, rashes, itch, psoriasis and acne sufferers

If the condition is on your body,and you use any of the following, bring with you...
washing products
fabric conditioner
bubble bath
shower gel
body moisturiser
fake tan
sun cream

If the condition is on your face, and you use any of the following, bring with you....
all make up
shower gel
face wipes
after shave

If the condition is in your scalp or ears, bring with you...
hair gel
hair spray or other hair products.

What is the testing procedure?

intolerance testingI use a Dietx machine to test you. This machine is a newer version of the vega machine. The testing is non painful, non-invasive, and comfortable. I test 175 foods and drinks. 60 common additives, all alcoholic drinks, and any product that might aggravate symptoms. Eg washing products, fabric conditioners, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, air fresheners, fragranced candles, polishes, cleaning sprays. .

I have been testing people using the machine since 1994.

I keep very careful records which enable you to know how well I do with any symptom. Please look at the section 'Success rates' to see with which symptoms I get the best results. If you would like to know about other symptom success, please email me.

If you would like to see a demonstration of my use of the machine, follow my youtube link.

Does your testing hurt?

For most people, no it doesn’t hurt. It is non invasive, no blood tests or skin pricks. If pressing on one acupuncture point becomes uncomfortable, there are many other acupuncture points that I can use instead.

I'm pregnant. Can I still take a test?


My doctor says that there is no cure for my son’s eczema. We must keep using steroid creams and moisturisers?

Take a look at my success rates, by downloading my free ebook and either click on Diagnostic Guide or come to me for a test.

I swear that my IBS began after I had the flu. Might this be correct?

A virus like influenza can be a trigger for food intolerances to begin.

I have been diagnosed with IBS. My doctor implies that I just have to get on with it...

IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. It is not actually a diagnosis as such, but a term that is used when doctors suspect, [or have concrete proof from endoscopy, colonoscopy or blood tests] that there is no serious disease involved. The irritant is very likely to be something that you are eating or drinking regularly. Take a look at my success rates, by downloading my free ebook and either click on Diagnostic Guide or come to me for a test.

My six year old son is so stroppy, argumentative and sometimes downright miserable. We aren’t coping well and now his teacher has requested a meeting.

Causes of children’s behaviour problems are multi faceted. I presume that you try to be very consistent in regard to your expectations for his behaviour? If his behaviour is down to a food intolerance, he is very likely to be suffering other symptoms like tummy aches, headaches or eczema as well. Does he have dark shadows under his eyes?  As this is the classic sign that he is eating something to which he is reacting. If so, bring him for a test or do the Diagnostic Guide. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are very often implicated too. You will be advised on the detail of this.

I am 28, and keep getting really horrible spots. Might this be down to a food intolerance?

Yes.  Please come for a test or do the Diagnostic Guide

My mother says that drinking 5 cans of coke is the cause of my frequent headaches. But if I don’t drink it my headache is much worse.

Mothers don’t always know best, but in this case I think that she may well be right. Either do cold turkey, and go to bed in a darkened room for 3 or 4 days, or give up gradually. …one can less every day until you are not drinking it any more.  Do the test or the Diagnostic Guide, as for many people more than one food / drink is involved.

My 3 month old baby has evening colic and eczema. But I am breastfeeding her.

She will be reacting to something in your diet. Get a test done or do the Diagnostic Guide for her.  It  takes into account breast fed babies.

I swear that all my problems are because of the menopause, but my best friend thinks that I should do the test.

Without knowing your symptoms it is difficult to advise, but for many peri-menopausal women, the hormone change has triggered them to become intolerant of regular daily foods in their diet. Do you have dark shadows around your eyes?  As this a very obvious sign that you are food intolerant.

Isn’t everyone intolerant to some food or other?

No, not necessarily. A person who has no symptoms suggestive of food intolerance will not be intolerant of anything.

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