What is the most common food intolerance?

In children the most common food intolerance according to my data is cow’s milk products, [including cheese, butter, chocolate, ice cream, yogurt.]

In adults, cow’s milk products, yeast, tea and coffee all affect about one third of those I have tested.  But that relates to people who live in the UK. Corn is thought to be a major intolerance in the US, but this may be only anecdotal rather than proven.

The foods and drinks which commonly cause problems are those which the person consumes at least twice daily.

I’m sure that something I am eating has caused me to put on weight, as I don’t eat much and do a lot of exercise. Can you help?

I have anecdotal evidence that suggests that some people manage to lose weight when avoiding foods to which they are intolerant. But I cannot promise.

I swear that my IBS began after I had the flu. Might this be correct?

A virus like influenza can be a trigger for food intolerances to begin.

My doctor says that there is no cure for my son’s eczema. We must keep using steroid creams and moisturisers.

Avoiding foods to which he is intolerant, changing products which touch his skin, and taking a zinc supplement gives him a chance of 95% improvement. Sign up for an email consultation.

I have been diagnosed with IBS. My doctor implies that I just have to get on with it.

IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. It is not actually a diagnosis as such, but a term that is used when doctors suspect, [or have concrete proof from endoscopy, colonoscopy or blood tests] that there is no serious disease involved. The irritant is very likely to be something that you are eating or drinking regularly. Why not sign up for an email consultation?

My six year old son is so stroppy, argumentative and sometimes downright miserable. We aren’t coping well and now his teacher has requested a meeting.

Causes of children’s behaviour problems are multi faceted. I presume that you try to be very consistent in regard to your expectations for his behaviour? If his behaviour is down to a food intolerance, he is very likely to be suffering other symptoms like tummy aches, headaches or eczema as well. Does he have dark shadows under his eyes?  As this is the classic sign that he is eating something to which he is reacting. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are very often implicated too. Sign up for an email consultation.

I am 28, and keep getting really horrible spots. Might this be down to a food intolerance?


My mother thinks that my cola drinking habit [5 cans a day] is the cause of my frequent headaches. But if I don’t drink it my headache is much worse.

Mothers don’t always know best, but in this case I think that she may well be right. Either do cold turkey, and go to bed in a darkened room for 3 or 4 days, or give up gradually. …one can less every day until you are not drinking it any more.  There may be other foods involved too though, and vitamin deficiencies can also be implicated. Why not sign up for an email consultation?

My 3 month old baby has evening colic and eczema. But I am breastfeeding her.

She will be reacting to something in your diet. An email consultation will get to the root of the problem.

I swear that all my problems are because of the menopause, but my best friend thinks that I should get your advice.

Without knowing your symptoms it is difficult to advise, but for many peri-menopausal women, the hormone change has triggered them to become intolerant of regular daily foods in their diet. Do you have dark shadows around your eyes?  As this a very obvious sign that you are food intolerant. Are the symptoms you suffer listed in the symptoms listed in ‘Information about Food Intolerance Solutions’?  Download at bottom of home page.

Isn’t everyone intolerant to some food or other?

No, not necessarily. A person who has no symptoms suggestive of food intolerance will not be intolerant of anything.

My tummy is in an awful state. I need to go three or four times before I leave for work, and urgency is causing me to sometimes have accidents. Colonoscopy was normal. My tummy was no problem on holiday in Thailand.

Finding out which foods you react to will sort your symptoms out. Thai diet is very different to a western one, so you were probably not eating the food to which you react. Maybe cow’s milk products, or a favoured hot drink?


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