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I am a registered nurse and I specialise in food intolerance. My original nursing qualification was gained in the nineteen-seventies. I was a ward sister until I had a career break when my children were young. I have been testing adults, children and babies since 1994.

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Food Intolerance Testing

Adults: £100

Children: £75

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Book in for a hour long testing session during which I will test everything you eat and drink, and any products you use that could be aggravating your symptoms. I will also check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Based on the results of testing, I will give you sensible, carefully considered advice about a temporary strict elimination diet. This advice will take into consideration the kind of person you are and the lifestyle that you need to lead.

I give detailed instructions about reintroducing problem foods, and tell you ways to avoid having problems with food intolerance again in the future.

You will have a written record of all that I tell you, and free back up support by phone or email. Please look at my ‘Information about food intolerance testing’ handbook for instructions on what to bring with you to the testing session.

‘Do it yourself testing guide’

Please read my introduction for all symptoms level one testing.  Based on the data I have accumulated over the last 13 years, this gives you guidance as to the appropriate elimination diet for your age and gender. It also encapsulates the information I have accumulated about the symptoms you suffer, which products to use or avoid, and which supplements to take to assist recovery.

This will be useful for those who live abroad, far away or cannot get to me for a test.

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