I am committed to helping you gain massive improvement in your day-to-day health.

Mary Roe
After 23 years of testing adults, children and babies, I have been forced due to illness to retire from the testing side of my business.

I will however continue to do email consultations. My book ‘Food Intolerance Solutions’ has proved very useful to many people, but others need some extra help.

This is how email consultations work:

  • On signing up you will be sent a copy of my book ‘Food Intolerance Solutions’.
  • You will complete a highly detailed questionnaire of symptoms and history.
  • I will ask for a comprehensive food diary for a week.
  • Based on the information you give me I will suggest a tailor-made exclusion diet for you.
  • You will have follow up support from me by email.


The cost will be £48 which includes the price of the book [£12]

Based on the stats which I collected in 2016 I estimate that adults will achieve on average 88% symptomatic improvement and children will achieve 92%. Compared to my testing results this is a drop of 5% for adults and 3% for children.

For less than half the price of testing you this represents extremely good value with not dissimilar results.

Based on the results of testing people for the last 23 years I have huge amounts of data, as to which foods/ drinks are likely to affect people. There are some very distinct patterns which I have noticed over the years, and analysis of these enables me to advise by email rather than actually testing.


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Mary Roe Food Intolerance Solutions

committed to enabling you to achieve a massive improvement in your day-to day health