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Welcome to Food Intolerance Solutions

I am committed to helping you gain massive improvement in your day-to day health. I can test for any food that you eat, and any product that you might use in your household.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am retiring from testing on 21st July.  Instead I will be offering email consultations. Information about this will be on my website in early July.

I can also test to see whether you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals, knowledge of which can significantly improve the results that a change of diet can achieve with some key symptoms...for example skin conditions, headaches, migraine, depression, anxiety, child behaviour and learning problems.

Should you live too far away to get to me for a test, or cannot afford the testing, I have just the thing for you...

Based on all the data that I have collected, I have designed a "Do it yourself testing guide". Click here for more info.

Food Intolerance Solutions... "The Book"

Food Intolerance front cover April 22nd

Whats it all about ?

Do it yourself testing guide

Click here

Download your FREE copy of 'Information about Food Intolerance Testing.' This gives you information about charging structure, success rates, testing children, what to bring with you for the test.

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Mary Roe Food Intolerance Testing Purley Surrey England.

I can help you achieve massive improvement in your day to day health

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